MAIN SPONSOR : Style Kingdom Magazine Vol 10 – 2nd yr Anniversary edition

Undergoing a 360 degree revamp, our new layout is as close to any RL magazine. This 2nd year anniversary edition, we present the “Different faces of Xmas” by our talented Style Kingdom models as well as guest stylist from Fashion Teller House, BOSL, FEROSH, 5th Avenue Agency, SCALA, iNOVARE and THEMA. Introducing a new section for all your autumn/winter essentials. Also an exclusive preview of our business partner PENUMBRA’s A/W fashion week items and an interview to get to know the REAL LIFE person behind Style Kingdom’s CEO/Founder Dougie Boxen! (Warning : Interview not meant for the faint hearted)


2 thoughts on “MAIN SPONSOR : Style Kingdom Magazine Vol 10 – 2nd yr Anniversary edition

  1. Too bad this isn’t actually judged because the clear winner won’t get their dues since this is obviously a popularity contest and it looks very bad that the person in the lead does work for one of the sponsors of the event. If this was a serious competition where fairness really applied and not just who has the most followers on Flickr Wren would be the winner. Sorry but it’s obvious to everyone. Someone who does work for Dougie never should have made it passed round one regardless of talent.


    • Thanks for your feedback. However, what makes you think having a judges panel won’t have the same effect? You’re telling me judges (human beings) won’t have their own biased favorite(s) or won’t sucumb to bribery?!?

      Mind you, this is a competition opened to ALL SL photographers and SL residents have full freedom to choose the person whom they think should be their Photographer of the Year. Why should photographers working for me not be allowed to participate when those who work my magazines, work for a few publications? It’s not like they’re exclusive to only my magazine. What you’re saying is, for any award, photographers who work for sponsors should be punished by not being allowed to participate solely because one (or a few) of the publications they work with are sponsoring the event? LOL

      You don’t make sense and the fact you’re not using your SL name to own what you said, doesn’t make your words credible at all and only makes me think you’ve got stuff to HIDE. Have a good day 🙂


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