2015 Photographer of the Year award

Hello everyone!

After getting valuable feedback from last year’s photographer of the year award, changes have been made to make the competition even better. One of the feedback was many photographers weren’t aware of last year’s competition, therefore a (trans/copy) notecard will be sent to all photographers who are active in uploading their work on Flickr regarding details of the competition months in advanced.

There are also some changes on the nomination duration, we’ve made it longer to ensure sufficient time for as many photographers to be aware of this competition and to make a choice whether or not they wish to participate. This also benefits fans/friends/followers of photographers, to let them know in advance about the competition so they have a chance to participate.

Fans/friends/followers of photographers who wish to have the note card regarding details of the competition (only available from 11th May onwards) can now contact Rogue Falconer for a copy. The notecard will also be sent in certain inworld groups so do look out for it next week.

Finally, there will be an updated post on the rules of the competition this weekend. The details of the rules includes 1) nomination process, 2) competition project, 3) voting, 4) results and 5) prize and ceremony.

We would like to thank BOSL and Gizza for being last year’s sponsors. Sponsorship for this year’s competition is currently open for inquiries, we accept both media and ad sponsors. Sponsor details can be found here https://photographeroftheyearsl.wordpress.com/advertising/


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