Photographer of the Year 2014

Once again, I would like to thanks ALL nominated photographers for being extremely BRAVE to participate in this competition. It takes REAL guts to allow one’s self to join a competition this transparent, to have your votes/results be shown to everyone.

All participating photographers should feel proud of themselves, to be nominated and have a huge part of the SL community vote for each of you in the finals is itself a testimony that all of you are loved and appreciated!

Personally, I was surprised at how many participated in the final votes as I wasn’t expecting this many due to this competition being at its first yr. So THANK YOU residents for giving this competition a chance and for whole-heartedly participating to choose YOUR photographer of the year! 😀

Finally, a big congrats to Pam Astonia for winning the Photographer of the year AWARD! Her trophy will be given to her during our awards ceremony in-world and limited tickets will be available to be purchased for those who would like to join us for this wonderful first award ceremony that will be held in December.

The lindens collected for the tickets will be used to fund the building of the ceremony site. However, we will only be allowed limited tickets to be sold as we care about the attendees experience and don’t want lag to gloom everyone’s experience. More info on how you can purchase tickets will be announced later this month so stay tuned 🙂

One last thing! Be sure to look out for our FASHION BLOGGER OF THE YEAR AWARD coming soon! We’ve pushed it earlier so the award ceremony can be held at the same time as the photographer of the year award.


Voting has ENDED

We like to thank everyone involved in voting for YOUR Photographer of the year. In total, the poll received over 1000 votes from Second Life residents and we’re pleased to know that this many residents were involved 🙂

Voting ended 5 mins ago and here is a phone snapshot of the results as of closing voting time. Award ceremony will be held in December and information on how to attain tickets will be announced end of this month.

Thank you so much SL residents for making this possible!

Poll Results*Voting started my local time, 13th Nov ended 19th Nov*

Rules of the competition

Greetings residents of Second Life!

Welcome to the yearly competition for Second Life photographers! Our number one aim is to give recognition to these photographers and for voting and results to be made transparent.

There will be 4 sections to this competition – 1) Nomination, 2) Competition project, 3) Voting, 4) Results and finally 5) Prize and award.

Details of each section

1) Nomination

– In order for your favorite photographers to be able to enter the competition, residents need to vote by submitting their names.

– Each photographer requires a minimum of 10 votes to qualify to participate in the competition.

How to submit names

– Submit the names of your favorite photographers under “comments” at this link – That way we keep things transparent.

– One resident can only submit one photographer’s name ONCE. However, there is no limit on how many different photographers names you want to submit.

– Multiple submission/post will NOT be counted.

– Submitting of names needs to be by 22nd October 2014.

2) Competition project

– After announcing the photographers who qualify, they will be given 21 days to complete a photo project with the given theme.

– The model (if any) needs to be the photographers themselves. Entries will be disqualified if another person other than themselves if used.

– Completed projects will be uploaded onto the website.

3) Voting

– Voting will commence once the online polls are set up.

– Announcement of the start of the voting phase will be announced on Flickr and in-world groups.

– Residents will have a certain deadline to vote till (details will be announced).

4) Results

– Results will be announced with a snapshot of the voting poll results as of the closing date and time.

– Voting polls will NOT be removed so residents can go back to review the results.

5) Prize and award ceremony

– Prize for the winning photographer will be 1) 20,000L, 2) Exclusive interview in Style Kingdom Magazine, 3) Free photography studio ad for next three vols in Style Kingdom Magazine.

– Award ceremony and party details such as the landmark/venue/date/time will be announced later.