2015 Photographer of the Year competition rules

Hello everyone!

As mentioned in the previous post, there will be some changes to this year’s competition.

1) Nomination

– A (trans/copy) notecard will be sent to all photographers who are active in uploading their work on Flickr regarding details of the competition months in advanced. Fans/friends may get this notecard from Rogue Falconer.

– A voting box will be set up for you to nominate the name of the photographer you wish to nominate.

– Voting WILL be limited to one vote per resident.

– Photographers may nominate themselves.

– A minimum of 5 nominations for the photographer to get to the next round.

– Staff of the Photographer of the Year Award are not permitted to nominate or vote.

– Duration of nomination is from 1st August to 31st October.

2) Competition project

– After announcing the photographers who qualify, they will be given 28 days to complete a photo project with the given theme.

– The model (if any) needs to be the photographers themselves. Entries will be disqualified if another person other than themselves if used.

– Photographers who fail to submit their completed project by the deadline will be considered as disqualified.

– Completed projects will be uploaded onto the website in alphabetical order, according to the photographer’s name.

3) Voting

– Voting will commence once the online polls are set up.

– Announcement of the start of the voting phase will be announced on Flickr and in-world groups.

– In addition, a (trans/copy) notecard will be given to the photographers to inform them that voting has commenced and the photographer is allowed to share the notecard with his/her friends to request them to vote in a non-harassing order.

– Residents who feel harassed by any particular photographer may report the issue to our staff with proof of harassment (offline IMs/notecard drop etc…) and a penalty will be given if we find the proof substantial.

– Residents will have a deadline to vote till (details will be announced at that time).

4) Results

– Results will be announced with a snapshot of the voting poll results as of the closing date.

– Voting polls will NOT be removed so residents can go back to review the results.

5) Prize and award ceremony

– Prize for the winning photographer will be 1) Exclusive interview in Style Kingdom Magazine or Men of the Year Magazine, 2) Free photography studio ad for the next vol in Style Kingdom Magazine or Men of the Year Magazine and 3) An invitation to work for either Style Kingdom Magazine or Men of the Year Magazine. – An exclusively made mesh Photographer of the Year trophy.

– Award ceremony details such as the landmark/venue/date/time will be announced later.


Main Sponsor : BOSL

BEST OF SL NEW LOGO 200 x 200 Icon


Reign Congrejo, owner of BOSL & Co has graciously sponsored their venue to hold the awards ceremony this 29th Dec 2014 at 8pm slt. Those who wish to join us for the Photographer of the year award ceremony to present the winner Pam Astonia with her award are able to do so FREE. All you need to do is head to the location on the day itself. Seats are free seating basis. Landmark will be announced a few day before the award ceremony.

Nominated photographers and sponsors who will be attending the award ceremony are to contact Dougie Boxen for special seating reservation.

BOSL website : http://magazine.thebestofsl.com/

Miss Virtual World : http://www.missvirtualworld.info/


Tickets now on sale

Hello everyone!

Those who wish to join us in the Photographer of the year award ceremony to present the winner Pam Astonia with her award are able to purchase tickets. Tickets are 800L each. The ceremony will be on the 29th Dec 2014 at 8pm slt. Please contact Dougie Boxen to purchase them. Only 30 tickets are available for purchase, first-come-first-served basis.

All nominated photographers are able to come free, contact Dougie Boxen to reserve a spot.

How the tickets work.

Once you’ve purchased the tickets, your name will be added to the list of people allowed on the land where the ceremony will be held. A note card confirming your spot will be sent to you within the week.

Landmark of the venue will be given out the day before the ceremony.

Photographer of the Year 2014

Once again, I would like to thanks ALL nominated photographers for being extremely BRAVE to participate in this competition. It takes REAL guts to allow one’s self to join a competition this transparent, to have your votes/results be shown to everyone.

All participating photographers should feel proud of themselves, to be nominated and have a huge part of the SL community vote for each of you in the finals is itself a testimony that all of you are loved and appreciated!

Personally, I was surprised at how many participated in the final votes as I wasn’t expecting this many due to this competition being at its first yr. So THANK YOU residents for giving this competition a chance and for whole-heartedly participating to choose YOUR photographer of the year! 😀

Finally, a big congrats to Pam Astonia for winning the Photographer of the year AWARD! Her trophy will be given to her during our awards ceremony in-world and limited tickets will be available to be purchased for those who would like to join us for this wonderful first award ceremony that will be held in December.

The lindens collected for the tickets will be used to fund the building of the ceremony site. However, we will only be allowed limited tickets to be sold as we care about the attendees experience and don’t want lag to gloom everyone’s experience. More info on how you can purchase tickets will be announced later this month so stay tuned 🙂

One last thing! Be sure to look out for our FASHION BLOGGER OF THE YEAR AWARD coming soon! We’ve pushed it earlier so the award ceremony can be held at the same time as the photographer of the year award.

Voting has ENDED

We like to thank everyone involved in voting for YOUR Photographer of the year. In total, the poll received over 1000 votes from Second Life residents and we’re pleased to know that this many residents were involved 🙂

Voting ended 5 mins ago and here is a phone snapshot of the results as of closing voting time. Award ceremony will be held in December and information on how to attain tickets will be announced end of this month.

Thank you so much SL residents for making this possible!

Poll Results*Voting started my local time, 13th Nov ended 19th Nov*

Coming soon in December

Hello all!

We’re delighted to announce that besides the Photographer of the year Award, there will also be a Fashion blogger of the year award (both male & female categories) in December 2014!

Like this award, voting and results will be made transparent and fairness will be our top priority!

We’ll be improving the Fashion blogger of the year award using the feedback we’ve received.

Have a great weekend and remember to vote for your Photographer of the year! 😀